An Unbiased OnePlus 9R Review


The OnePlus 9R is a revolutionary smartphone by Oxygen mobile that is packed with high end features. It is very much different from the other devices of its category as it has a dual camera on board for capturing sharp images and videos. The phone is also equipped with one of the best networks available in the UK, Orange free. This network offers fast charging, along with many other benefits. To know more about the device, you need to check out our reviews of the best and latest Oneys.

The design of the OnePlus 9R has been especially designed keeping in mind the needs of the people in the modern world. The smartphone comes with a large screen and it looks really nice. The most striking feature of the handset is its dual camera. The rear camera has a resolution of 12.2 mega pixels, which helps the user capture sharper images. Apart from that, it also comes with a secondary camera, which can be used for clicking images or taking video clips. This helps to reduce the time taken to capture videos or images. OnePlus 9R

When it comes to storage, the OxygenOS smartphone has got you covered. The storage is something that every smartphone should offer and this device does just that. The storage capacity of the OxygenOS is about forty percent more than the iPhone and it comes with about sixteen to twenty-four gigabytes of storage. This amount of storage is enough to store all your important files and apps. There are also about eleven to twelve gigabytes of memory that can be accessed by the user. It is a good thing that the OxygenOS comes with a free version of its suite, android interface, which further enables users to enjoy the features of this great smartphone.

An important feature of this phone is its fast charging capability. Users can charge the OxygenOS easily using the USB port of their computers. This makes the device quite popular among professionals and business users who want to get connected right away without the need of using a sim card. Apart from that, the handset comes with a quick release shell that also facilitates fast charging and thus lets the user enjoy high speeds even when they are on the go.

Another wonderful feature of the OxygenOS is its dual metal frame. It makes the body of the phone sturdy and durable as it offers a thickness of just 1.5mm. The oneplus 9r comes with a classy silver metal frame, which gives it an overall classy look and feel.

If we talk about the camera, then we have to mention two important features of the device. The one thing that impresses many users about this device is its impressive camera. The oneplus 9r comes with a sixteen megapixel camera, which is one of the best cameras available in the market today. Furthermore, the device has a front-mounted ocular sensor along with a bright flash light for capturing clear pictures in the dark. OnePlus has also incorporated an efficient microSD slot for additional storage, which further supports expandable memory cards. The OxygenOS also comes with a unique dual mode which enables you to shoot both video and still photos with the one plus well as its sixteen megapixel camera.

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