Applications Of Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are used in almost any area. Here are some of the areas where they have wide applications:

At home

The units are used in different regions of the house. The two most popular being in the kitchen and home heating and cooling systems. In the kitchen, the units are used in the refrigerator. Here, once the desired temperature is achieved, the fridge switches off. When the temperature rises beyond a certain point, the fridge switches itself on. Without the sensor, you would have to do the switching on and off on your own which is practically impossible.

When it comes to home cooling and heating, the sensor has a large application in the furnace and air conditioner. When it gets too cold, the sensor detects this, and the heater starts working. On the other hand, when it gets too hot, the sensor signals the air conditioner to start working.

Hot air balloons

The units are also heavily used in hot air balloons. For the hot air to rise, the temperature of helium gas inside the balloon has to rise above a given level. If the temperature is below the level, the hot air balloon starts to fall. The gas temperature sensors play a vital role in telling the temperature of the helium gas thus controlling whether the balloon rises or falls. pyrometer

Oil exploration

To find oil, the drills must go far into the earth as much as they can. As you know, the temperature increases as you go down the ground. To protect the drill bit in the event the temperature gets too high, and the oil explorers place the sensor inside the bits so that they can notify them when they are in danger. When the temperature rises above a certain point, the sensor sends a signal to the explorers to stop working.

Battery chargers

Battery chargers charge all types of batteries ranging from flashlights, car batteries, to computer batteries. To protect the batteries, the chargers are designed in such a way that they prevent the batteries from overcharging. As mentioned, the batteries are different thus have different charge capabilities. To avoid damaging the batteries, the chargers have sensors that let them know when to stop charging.


These are some of the most common sensor applications. Regardless of the sensor, you are interested in, ensure that you buy from a reputable store. This is to increase the chances of purchasing a high-quality unit.

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