Installing Driver Updates For Windows XP

Installing driver updates for Windows XP can be very easy if you want it to be.  However, before we jump into installation, its important to establish a basis on drivers and how to ensure you have downloaded the correct one prior to installation.

Drivers are the software that ensure proper communication between the operation system and the hardware installed on your computer.  When you install new hardware on your computer, you run a CD that installs the basic driver devices.  When you update your operating system, these drivers are required to be updated.  You may update your drivers manually or automatically.

Most people update their drivers manually as it is the cheapest way to do it.  If you wish to update your drivers manually, it is recommended you go to the manufacturer’s website.  Therefore, in the case of Windows XP drivers, it is recommended you visit Microsoft’s official site.  Downloading drivers from third party sources typically results in viruses, spyware and adware installation on your computer.  If you are updating your Windows XP drivers, prior to downloading a driver update off Microsoft’s official website, you will want to ensure the driver is compatible with your operating system and that it is the correct make and model.

Updating your drivers manually can be a long and time consuming affair with lots of frustration as typically the drivers you download are not compatible and/or are virus ridden. Clackmann Weather

I believe spending a little bit of money and updating your drivers automatically with driver update software is the best option in order to download and install the updates you require.  The great feature of driver update software is that all your drivers get updated all at once with the latest official drivers.

Using the software would work as follows:  If you wished to update your drivers for Windows XP, you would run the software witch would begin a driver scan of your computer.  This would identify the hardware and associated drivers and  cross reference them with the database to ensure the latest official drivers were installed on your computer and outputting a list of required updates for those that where not.  Once the required updates have been identified, the software would automatically download all the required Windows XP drivers you required.

Installing driver updates for Windows XP is the only remaining task.  In order to do this, you would simply select a particular update and click install (you will need to do this for each particular driver).  When you click install, there are various scenarios that may occur:

Scenario 1: 

An installer may launch right away and begin installing.  The majority of drivers downloaded install this easily.

Scenario 2: 

A folder may open, displaying a number of files.  If this happens, you must look for an .exe file, double click on this file and the installer launcher will begin.  If there is no .exe file, look for a file that ends with .inf.  Right click and select “Install” from the menu that appears.

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