Embrace Your Heart’s Longing 


North Node in Leo: When North Node is in Leo, South Node is in Aquarius. 


North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius is about inventive self-articulation versus oblivious compliance. 


Delivery yourself from the control of your brain (South Node in Aquarius) and gain rather how to live from the heart (North Node in Leo).  leo zodiac sign


Numerous individuals realize that the Lunar Nodes have “something to do” with the eclipses. Without a doubt, eclipses happen just close to the Lunar Nodes, when the Moon moves straightforwardly and accurately before the Sun. The Nodes mix the natural energies of the Moon and the Sun, of the female and the manly, of the Yin and the Yang that make life as far as we might be concerned. 


That is why the Nodes are, in every case in one way or another, connected to our fate. In general, travelling toward the North Node will show in the primary snapshots of our life: when we move to start with one period of our life then onto the next, at the introduction of a kid, when a relative passes away when we meet a perfect partner. The Nodes address our “otherworldly compass”, the “quintessence” of our motivation in life. 


The Nodes come two by two of inverse zodiacal signs – the North Node addresses the unfurling fate, and the South Node, the karmic past. In a real sense, the North Node is our “North Star” and addresses new learning and the characteristics we need to embrace to push ahead. 


The South Node instead is about the dreary examples and old exercises. The past (South Node) is the establishment of things to come (North Node), the “old” on which we construct “the new”. 


Our heart’s yearning 


Leo is controlled by the Sun, the life-giving, liberal and brilliant star that gives us light, warmth and energy. The Sun is the “motor” of our solar framework; without it, we wouldn’t exist. Leo controls our heart. 


The heart is the “Sun” of your body, the little motor in your chest that siphons life. The pulsating heart is the guarantee of life. 


Your heart is the centre of your identity, your focal point of gravity, where you feel completely invigorated. 


When we live from our middle, everything is how it ought to be. As youngsters (Leo likewise governs kids), we realized how to reach out to the honesty of our reality. However, as we grow up, we figure out how to adhere to rules, pay attention to our folks and ‘fit in’. 


However, we never indeed fail to remember that spot of bliss, brilliance and honesty. The most profound yearning in life is aching to be unified with the middle and associated with that spot of adoration and truth. 


This developmental calling usually is capable when the North Node contacts a point in our diagram. When you have a North Node travel, the Universe is requesting that you escape the pen – regardless of whether it is testing and challenging. 


This aching is the achiness to visit the family of the heart, the longing to return to your divine nature. 


This otherworldly emergency comes unexpectedly. At times, it’s anything but a reasonable and solid longing. It wants to communicate more and to be more – to give your extraordinarily innovative gifts to an option that could be greater than yourself. 


On different occasions, it accompanies misery and disappointment since you’re uncertain about your identity and how you fit into the world. 


Also, on different occasions – this one is the most overwhelming – it’s anything but an ambiguous disappointment. You may advise yourself, “I have everything, I have incredible work, I have money, I have a relationship, yet at the same time, there is a missing thing from my life”. 


During the travel of the North Node in Leo, you will be taught how to accept the aching of your heart and how to actuate your developmental reason from that spot of truth. 


You are currently allowed the opportunity to identify the part you are intended to play (North Node in Leo) in the more extensive setting of the natural world (South Node in Aquarius), so your gifts and abilities can be realized to their fullest potential. 


The best way to come “home” is to (re)discover the real essence of yourself. For this, you need to disengage yourself from the worldwide (TV, forced social models, web, web-based media) and spotlight on your imaginative virtuoso. 


Your unique gifts, your desires, your fantasies ARE significant. The North Node in Leo is an encouragement to fix your crown and quit agonizing over other’s opinion. 


Rely on your instinct’s yearning with mental fortitude regardless of whether this conflicts with the endorsement of your companions, local area or society. 


The South Node in Aquarius is the delivery point. During the time spent accepting your heart’s aching, you may discover you need to relinquish a few companionships. Keep in mind; genuine companions need the best for you. Oppose the compulsion to return to the old ways if a few “companions” track down your new ways unsuitable. Release them if they take steps to leave. See who stays. These are your genuine companions. 


I am not urging you to be self-centred, however, isn’t anything narrow-minded in permitting the genuine you to arise. Be the stone carver of your life and permit the never-ending Universe to communicate its thoughts through you in your unique manner. 


The world necessities you, and you must allow yourself to sparkle. This is, at last, the message of the North Node in Leo. 


What’s the significance here for you 


We will be entirely influenced by the Nodal sift. The last time we had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius was from September 1998 to April 2000. Return to 1999, 1980, 1962, a long time when we had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius to get an inclination about what’s in store in the following one eighteen months. 


Likewise, if you have your Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius pivot, you will be mainly in the centre since you will encounter your Nodal Return. The hubs get back to similar zodiacal signs once, like clockwork. Accordingly, if you are 19 years old, 37, 56, 75, etc., you will encounter a “karmic reset”. The Universe will bring you “in the groove again” if you’ve lost your compass. 


Glance in which houses you have Leo and Aquarius in your outline for additional subtleties. For instance, if you have the North Node in Leo in the first house and the South Node in Aquarius in the seventh house, you need to allow others to hear your thunder and don’t rely upon bunch endorsement. 


If you have the North Node in Leo in the second house and the South Node in Aquarius in the eighth house, during this travel, you need to begin dealing with yourself like a sovereign or lord, become more liberal with money, and focus harder on your worth framework instead of others’ worth frameworks. Etc… 


Likewise, if you have individual planets in Leo/Aquarius, the Nodes will bring into mindfulness that part of your life represented by the particular planet or point.



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