Realme GT Master Edition


The Realme GT Master Edition smartphone from China is one of the most exciting handsets you can buy. It offers some really great value for money, with some impressive features thrown in. But how do you know whether to go for it or not? This article looks closely at the Realme GT Master Edition smartphone and assesses whether it is right for you. With a larger display than most smartphones it has a unique set of features that make it very appealing. But will it satisfy your needs?

For many consumers the Realme GT is a great value for money. It comes with a stunningly attractive screen, an eight mega-inch HD display and the powerful processor Realme GT E4. While it does not stand out on the features front, in terms of performance and it lacks some key features, the pricing, display quality and quick charging help it to easily stand out from this overcrowded market segment. At just over six hundred dollars it is one of the cheapest smartphones available in the UK and even the most basic smartphone offers many advantages over the Realme. Below we look at how the Realme GT could help you out. realme gt master edition

The Realme GT has a unique design, including a large dual-tone capacitive display complete with a full QWERTY keyboard and spacious home button. The phone also offers a unique design with a curved body, larger than most smartphones including the iPhone and HTC Desire. Despite this it is packed full of features and offers some great value for money. The Realme GT comes with a large, touch-sensitive screen that responds quickly to user touch and offers a decent level of screen visibility. The dual-band antenna is an advantage as the faster data rates make up for a lower connection speed, but this feature does mean that the battery life suffers slightly.

The physical design of the phone is a near throw away with its large curved screen and large, smooth corners. The phone is made up almost entirely of metal with a touch-sensitive surface on the bottom, which although responsive can become overly heavy for some users. The dual-band antenna and larger battery life allow it to be considered a mid range smartphone. The Realme GT master edition unfortunately suffers from some slow broadband speeds which means its internet browser is limited to loading pages up to two thirds of the way down the screen. This makes it difficult for certain websites to load fully and has negatively affected its social networking capabilities.

One of the best selling features of the Realme GT master edition is the extremely high quality video camera, it uses, which consists of a full body grip for total control and a front and rear facing camera which are also very comfortable for a phone in its slim design. The phone runs on a powerful and affordable quad-core processor and offers you a choice of either Windows or Android operating systems. There is also a bundled video editing application that gives you access to an extensive range of editing features including picture Effects, transitions, frames per second (FPS), panoramas, Noise Reduction, and more. If you need to edit any sort of footage you will find this excellent device ideal for professional photographers and people who like to experiment with their photography skills.

There are other smartphones on the market which run on the same platform as the Realme GT but sadly suffer from many of the same problems. Whilst there is no doubt that some of these phones do offer a better screen than the Realme, they are usually heavier and less durable meaning that users must take more care of their devices if they wish to have long-lasting service. The Realme is made using only the highest quality parts making it one of the most durable smartphones in it’s class. Users also appreciate the ease of use which is combined with all the functionality a smartphone can provide. If you want something more substantial, which is tough, sleek, and provides complete control over a device then you should definitely look at the Realme GT Master Edition.

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