Top Pre-School Cartoons and Their X Factors

Cartoons have always been about children and one of the most dedicated niches of animation to target this substantial demographic are pre-school cartoons. By niche, it means these cartoons are really catered to young minds’ sensibilities. So don’t go blurting out that a pre-school cartoon sucks if it does not measure up to your standards as a knowing individual. Of course, they are created for children.

But just because they are created for children, that doesn’t mean the potential for a huge market is not there. These kids may not have purchasing power, but they have the wallets of their parents backing them up. 4anime

It is important to note however that pre-school cartoons are a very sensitive niche. It cannot be all about the money. Animators for pre-school cartoons should take it upon themselves as a responsibility to promote excellent child education through these shows. They should feel accountable to the development of their children. By itself alone, that’s a noble motivation already.

Thus, here are a few popular pre-school cartoons and we’ll try to see what makes them click to children and even with their parents (who hypothetically are in charge of the remote control of the TV screen):

Dora the Explorer. This Nickelodeon Hispanic gem which can speak two languages have been carrying the flagship for pre-school cartoons everywhere. With problem solving at the forefront, Dora and her friends, Boots, Diego, Map and Bagpack, have been successful at attracting the curiosity of children thanks to their interactive conversations with the TV viewers. Not only does Dora help in keeping children behave, she also is an excellent training ground for memory skills and problem solving abilities.

This is a big reason why many parents voiced their outrage when they learned that the character design for Dora the Explorer has been expanded to appear as a pre-puberty lady. Parents are scared to lose the precious abilities of Dora the Explorer to engage their pre-school age children. But the creators of Dora are adamant that this new character design was just a branch out.

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